Alli is a Malayalam Movie released in 2022, directed by Raj Kumar and starred by Neena Kurup, Saji Venjaramoodu.

Plot of Malayalam Movie Alli:

Story of an innocent village girl ( Alli ) and her father, portrayed in a beautiful forest backdrop. Their peaceful life goes on a toss and when she takes refuge in the forest and mother nature had her own plans to rescue her.

Where can I watch Malayalam Movie Alli (2022) online?

Check the availability to watch Malayalam Movie Alli online.

Who is the director of Malayalam Movie Alli?

Alli is directed by Raj Kumar.

Who acted in Malayalam Movie Alli?

Main characters of Malayalam Movie Alli are acted by Neena Kurup, Saji Venjaramoodu.

When is Alli released?

Malayalam Movie Alli was released on 2022-03-11.

How long is Malayalam Movie Alli?

The running time of Alli is 1h 45min.

Who is the writer of Malayalam Movie Alli?

Alli is written by Raj Kumar.

Which Production Company made the Malayalam Movie Alli?

The production company behind the making of Alli is/are Hi Five Films.

What genre does Malayalam Movie Alli fall under?

Alli is in the genre of Thriller.

Full list of actors and characters in Malayalam Movie Alli:

Neena Kurup as Sumathiamma
Saji Venjaramoodu as Father of Alli

Producers and other crew members of Malayalam Movie Alli:

Produced by: Raj Goutham
Cinematography by: Jayandas
Film Editing by: Arun Das
Visual Effects by: Sivalal Ramakrishna (Colorist (as Ramakrishna Sivalal))
Additional Crew: Collective Frames (Distribution)

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